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Anthony Weiner’s laptop a hanging Sword of Damocies over the FBI and DOJ

June 20, 2018

The video was allegedly discovered on the computer of Human Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner. Crokin here tells of a folder on Weiner’s computer titled “Life Insurance,” containing several sex videos.

Global Pedophilia network exposed – Leo Zagami VIDEO

May 14, 2018

The NYPD claims the video made seasoned police officers cry and is the “Rosetta Stone” of information

Major Arrest made In alleged Hillary/Huma pedo Video

April 28, 2018

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

WHO and Unicef official Peter Dalgish arrested in Nepal related to Dark Web Hillary-Huma Pedo video

April 22, 2018

A stunning new report reveals that President Donald Trump sent Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to personally oversee the capture of a former high ranking U.N. adviser who posted the Hillary Clinton – Huma Abedin snuff film on the Dark Web. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth about one of the world’s most wanted pedophiles whose video will be the irrefutable evidence that will tie the Clintons once and for all to a Satanic global child sex trafficking ring.

Claim: Clinton-Abedin PedoGate Video leaked to the Dark Web

April 17, 2018

The NYPD claims the video made seasoned police officers cry and is the “Rosetta Stone” of information
The “Rosetta Stone” of information connecting senior politicians – such as Clinton – to an elite pedophile ring

Crooked Clintons caught between a Little Rock and a hard place

January 6, 2018

Whether it is merely the FBI trying to restore its shattered credibility or justice finally being done, the news that the pay-to-play activities of the Clinton Foundation are going to get renewed and serious attention is welcome

Justice Department looking into Crooked Hillary emails again

January 5, 2018

Days after marked-classified information turned up in the release of State Department emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the Justice Department once again is looking into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of government secrets while she served as secretary of state, according to a report.

Justice Department has launched new inquiry into Crooked Clinton Foundation

January 5, 2018

John Solomon reports at The Hill that the Department of Justice has launched a new investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state

President Trump readies Guantanamo Bay for Clinton Crime Family – VIDEO

January 4, 2018

Dr. Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone join Alex Jones to dissect President Trump’s recent executive orders that seem to prepare Guantanamo Bay for a new influx of seriously corrupt criminals.

Hillary’s BFF Huma Abedin put the entire country at risk – VIDEO

January 3, 2018

53-year-old Anthony Weiner, ex-husband of Huma Abedin, started his 21 to 27-month stint in a Federal Medical Prison outside of Boston back in November.
This ex-congressman sent pornographic material to a 15-year-old high school student in North Carolina.
Within the 2,800 emails Judicial Watch uncovered on his laptop are classified materials and Americans should be outraged.