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Hillary Clinton claims rumors that she’s a Lesbian are FALSE – (She’s Bi-Sexual)

December 6, 2019

Hillary Clinton insisted at the top of her voice on Wednesday that she is a heterosexual woman who has ‘never even been tempted’ to have a lesbian relationship

Many families fear political arguments at the Thanksgiving feast – VIDEO

November 28, 2019

Given the polarization of the recent presidential election – many families are in fear of what might be said

Hillary Clinton closer and closer to running

November 10, 2019

The Democratic higher-ups, the elites Hillary hangs with, know that the current crop of cookie-cutter far-left candidates threatening to nationalize the country are not going to cut it in the general. The hoi polloi of their own party are a problem.

Six Clinton-Connected People or Groups Accused of Human Trafficking or Child Porn

July 12, 2019

Numerous people or organizations connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton are accused of human trafficking

Hillary and Bill are collectors of Pierce Brosnan paintings

June 7, 2019

We also learn that the family dining room features a painting by the actor Pierce Brosnan, star of Dante’s Peak, among other films. It hangs in the corner above a Chihuly sculpture, and Hillary loves the artwork for its “French Gaugin-ish feel.” The painting is actually one of two Brosnan originals the Clintons own.

Swordsman of Cybersex Anthony Weiner released from Halfway House

May 20, 2019

Sexual Predator Anthony Weiner Released From Halfway House

Media won’t report this: President Trump is a Gay-Rights Hero

February 26, 2019

Obama said nothing about the systematic slaughter of gays in Muslim countries
The holy book of Islam the Qur’an mandates execution for lesbians

Swordsman of Cybersex Anthony Weiner released from prison

February 18, 2019

Remove term: Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner has been released from prison and placed in a residential re-entry facility Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner has been released from prison and placed in a residential re-entry facility

House GOP ‘Working With Whistleblowers’ In Clinton Foundation Probe

November 22, 2018

House Republicans will hear testimony on December 5 from the prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate allegations of wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, according to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC).