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Tech Titans gather to plot how to steal the 2018 elections

August 25, 2018

Facebook is reportedly meeting with multiple other Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe Friday to discuss how to prevent the spread of “misinformation” across their platforms ahead of the 2018 midterm elections

“They are closing down the opinions of many people on the Right” – Trump tweet

August 18, 2018

Trump also pointed out the real problem with censorship: who chooses what will and will not be censored from public view?

Alex Jones and Free Speech a dire threat to the New World Order

August 11, 2018

Is there some activist journalism going on over at CNN with the singular goal of purging Alex Jones and Infowars — and only Alex Jones and Infowars — from online existence?

Michael Savage and Alex Jones discuss The Patriot Purge of the Internet

August 9, 2018

Michael Savage and Alex Jones Discuss Freedom of Speech – August 7th 2018 – VIDEO

New World Order Big Tech minions ban InfoWars – who will be next?!

August 6, 2018

MATT DRUDGE LIVE STREAMS ALEX JONES INFOWARS in emergency to save Free Speech rights