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Posh Beck wasting away – or maybe it’s Photoshop Fail

April 11, 2016

Victoria posted the shots on her Instagram account yesterday, where they’ve been liked 152,000 times.

But the image left fans divided as many praised the pictures that see the mother-of-four showing off her lean, toned limbs and impressive flexibility, while others pointed out the ‘Photoshop fail’.

In the offending picture, Victoria smoulders into the camera as she poses on her tip toe, holding her other leg close to her body.

David Beckham future movie star

June 1, 2013

England star David Beckham came face-to-face with injured members of the armed forces today – including a Marine dubbed a ‘true hero’ by Prince Harry, after losing an arm and a leg to a Taliban landmine.

Brave Ben McBean was flown back from Afghanistan in March last year on board the same plane as the 24-year-old prince, along with another critically injured solider.

On landing, the humbled Prince, who had served for ten weeks, told interviewers ‘I’m not a hero – these two injured soldiers are the heroes.’

Posh Beck forgets to tip at Pizza Express

August 9, 2012

ASK any bloke who they would choose to share a dinner date at Pizza Express with and POSH would top the list.
Not because it’s getting one up on David Beckham — it would mean you could keep the doughballs to yourself.

Victoria isn’t afraid to rub shoulders with the great unwashed — she had a slap-up meal (double helping of salad) at the branch of the popular pizza restaurant in Loughton, Essex, on Monday.

But even though Posh has more money than God, she paid the £115 bill in crisp notes — and left without leaving a tip. Tsk.

A supervisor at the restaurant told The Sun: “Victoria came in on Monday night with six children and David’s mum.

“She paid £115 for dinner in cash. She’s a very good customer and comes here regularly.

“She loves having bosco salad — warm garlic mushrooms, baby mozzarella, avocado, roasted tomatoes, spinach, rocket, balsamic syrup, honey and mustard dressing with warm doughsticks.

“She’s had other salads before, but never pizza — she wouldn’t eat that.

“She didn’t leave a tip, she didn’t leave anything. I gave her the receipt and she gave me the money exactly, £115. But it doesn’t matter.

“She’s a good customer and is always nice. You give her something, she always says please and thank you.”

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper were all in tow — helping their mum out with the doughballs.

It has been a great few weeks for the family with Goldenballs Becks starring at the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

And now he is passing the baton on to Posh, who has been in town rehearsing for a performance at the Games’ closing ceremony with The Spice Girls.

Ten muscled male models sexy snapshots

February 18, 2012

The Ten Hunkiest Male Models erotic sexy photos

Beckham Baby given Wizardly name

July 16, 2011

Beckham Baby given Wizardly name

Posh Beck eggo preggo with baby girl

March 15, 2011

_______GREEN links below – . ___David and Victoria ___Beckham expecting ___a baby girl ___Telegraph . ___Victoria Beckham ___expecting a girl! ___Celebrity gossip ___Marie Claire .

Beck To The Rescue

February 10, 2011

. _____Link in GREEN . ___Beckham’s -____a traffic hero – ____Yahoo! News UK  

Waking up with David Beckham

January 5, 2011

DAVID BECKHAM is widely regarded as one of the world’s handsome men, Gordon Smart’s Bizarre reports in The U. K. Sun December 4th, 2010. But even he has his off days. And wife VICTORIA has confessed to being relieved that he looks ‘c***’ in the morning. In a chat with Vogue magazine she says: “The other […]

U.S. Magazine bent the law like Beckham

September 23, 2010

US Magazine bent the law like Beckham

Beckham snubbed by football poll – Science blames man caused Global Warming/Climate Change

April 19, 2010

Global Warming/Climate Change caused David Beckham to be snubbed in football poll