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Clint Eastwood Sends ‘Message of Support’ to Larry Elder in California Recall

August 11, 2021

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Video shows Leftist political candidate threaten to blow up school bus

July 3, 2021

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The 15:17 To Paris – 1st Trailer VIDEO

December 16, 2017

Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Clint Eastwood’s real-life drama The 15:17 to Paris, which is based on and stars the actual heroes who thwarted the ISIS-inspired terror attack in 2015 in which a gunman opened fire on a high-speed train traveling to Paris.


December 5, 2014


Clint Eastwood saves man’s life without firing a shot

February 8, 2014

Superstar CLINT EASTWOOD makes man’s day – by saving his life!

Clint, 83, performed the Heimlich maneuver on the AT&T’s T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am executive Steve John on tournament director at a volunteer dinner, the Carmel Pine Cone reported.

“A piece of cheese went in my mouth, and suddenly I couldn’t breathe,” John told the Pine Cone.

Eastwood described the moment of horror, “The look on Steve’s face was different than when somebody is just coughing or joking around. I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their very eyes. It looked bad.”

“I gave him three good jolts, and that got it out,” Eastwood said.

“It was as bad as it could have been,” John divulged. “But Clint came up behind me and he knew exactly what to do. He did the Heimlich maneuver and he lifted me right off the ground.”

Amazingly, Clint admitted he had only ever practiced the Heimlich maneuver once before.

“Clint saved my life,” John said. “He’s strong. The cheese popped out, and I was fine.”

Clint Eastwood moves blond bombshell into his house

October 12, 2013

CLINT EASTWOOD isn’t even divorced from his wife Dina and he’s already show­ering gifts on his much younger girlfriend – but outraged Dina is striking back.

The 83-year-old “Dirty Harry” star has moved Erica Fisher, 42, into his Los Angeles home. And a source says he’s already treating her like his “Million Dollar Baby” – showering her with lavish gifts and inviting her to sample his wife’s wardrobe.

Furthermore, he’s hired her 20-year-old son Mason to be a production assistant on “Jersey Boys,” the movie based on the Broadway musical that he’s directing.

“Dina is in a fury,” said a source close to Clint’s wife of 17 years. “He’s not only moved Erica into his L.A. home but also got Mason a job on the set – even though he has no experi­ence whatsoever in movies.

“What’s more, Clint just bought a brand-new silver Mercedes-Benz that Erica’s driving around Hollywood. Dina said, ‘This is textbook mooch­ing!’ It’s like Erica has hit a Las Vegas jackpot. Clint has become her Sugar Daddy.”

A source says Dina fears that Erica is “a gold digger” who wants to cut the movie legend off from his family and snatch part of his $375 million estate. And even though Dina still doubts she can reconcile with Clint, she’s so concerned that the blonde divorcee is trying to take control of her estranged hus­band she had her legal separation temporar­ily withdrawn, a source says.

Clint Eastwood seeing his cheating wife’s boyfriend’s ex-wife

September 5, 2013

No sooner than The ENQUIRER print edition hits, so-called news outlets are AGAIN stealing our Exclusive detailing CLINT EASTWOOD wife “swap” shocker!

In a print exclusive hitting newsstands today we reveal that Clint Eastwood may be headed for a wife swap with his soon-to-be ex’s boyfriend! A week after The ENQUIRER revealed exclusively that Clint’s estranged wife Dina Ruiz dumped him for her former high school sweetheart, Scott Fisher, a source confirms to The ENQUIRER that the “Dirty Harry” star is NOW seeing Scott’s ex-wife. The source adds that 83-year-old Clint was caught entertaining the woman – Erica Tomlinson Fisher – in Los Angeles in late August.

“Things have really taken a very strange turn,” said an insider. “While Dina is back with Scott, Clint is now seeing Erica. “She has spent time at Clint’s Los Angeles home, and they seem to have bonded over Dina’s relationship with Scott. Even at his age, Clint knows how to exact revenge!”

Way back in in November 2012, The ENQUIRER was the first to report that Clint Eastwood’s 17-year marriage was on the rocks to much younger wife Dina. In our exclusive report, sources said the couple had been living apart after butting heads over Dina’s now-canceled reality TV series, “Mrs. Eastwood & Company.”

Clint Eastwood’s wife leaves him for a younger man

September 1, 2013

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July 27, 2013

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