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HOMELAND Trailer – Alex Jones character a deranged Psychopath

December 13, 2017

A new trailer for the upcoming season of ‘Homeland’ depicts an Alex Jones-like character targeting a Hillary Clinton-like president for assassination.

‘Homeland’ Season Six Psi-Op against Alex Jones and Infowars

March 20, 2017

Television programming being used to portray Jones as crazy

‘Homeland’ no longer Barack’s favorite show

October 11, 2015

The fifth season of Showtime’s spy thriller Homeland premiered last Sunday night. Once President Obama’s favorite TV show, this episode is downright contemptuous of U.S. — read Obama’s — foreign policy as regards the Middle East and Syria in particular. For someone who refuses to utter the words “Radical Islam,” Homeland is highly unlikely to be Must See TV.

The scene that would have tipped Obama’s Palace Guard to suggest he join Michelle and the girls for an episode of Modern Family rather than watch the new Homeland involves the character Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend).

The hardened yet haunted CIA black-ops specialist is summoned before a conference table full of Intelligence brass to explain what he’s been up to in Syria the past two years. Quinn describes al-Raqqa province and U.S. airstrikes targeting Assad, ultimately aiming for al-Nusra and Islamic State… at which point, were he watching from his nice white house, the leader of the free world would probably feel the need to get up for a bowl of hot popcorn

Carrie Mathison may not fight radical Islamic terrorists in season 5

January 13, 2015

Showtime’s Homeland might find a new threat to focus on for season 5.
Homeland: See Full Coverage
The network’s president, David Nevins, says the show’s writer-producer Alex Gansa might find a fresh antagonist for CIA case officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) to tackle when the show returns later this year. But the executive also firmly emphasized a decision has not yet been made and the story’s villain will be chosen for creative reasons— and to avoid repetition— rather than the recent terror attacks in Europe.