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Gas Prices Defeat Biden ReeEEeE Stream – Salty Cracker VIDEO

June 17, 2022

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Christina Aguilera performs with sex toy at Gay event

June 17, 2022

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Christina Aguilera takes plunge in a low-cut swimsuit

February 17, 2021

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Hillary wants open border with Mexico, Latinas most welcome

May 27, 2016

Professional Republicans in the #NeverTrump movement continue to oppose the presumptive nominee selected by the GOP electorate and are now floating strategies to throw the election to Hillary Clinton.

However, an examination of Clinton’s campaign promises reveals that Republicans who are willing to thwart Trump in favor of Clinton will be complicit in electing a President who would seek to bring about the complete and, possibly irreversible, dissolution of our nation’s borders.

A review of Clinton’s stated positions on the issue suggests she is perhaps the most extreme candidate on immigration ever to run for the office of the U.S. Presidency. Her views place her even further outside the mainstream of the American electorate than President Barack Obama, who systematically dismantled U.S. immigration law during his two terms in office.

Below are just a few of the extreme immigration positions held by Clinton.

Does the ‘The Voice’ ignore viewers votes?

March 21, 2014

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Cee Lo Green hit with charge of allegedly slipping Ecstasy to date

November 5, 2013

He scrutinizes singers on “The Voice,” but reality TV star Cee Lo Green may have had a hard time judging a sex partner’s impairment after he slipped her ecstasy last year, prosecutors said Monday.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office cited that possibility along with insufficient evidence about the woman’s level of intoxication when it formally rejected a felony rape charge against the “Forget You” crooner.

Instead, prosecutors slapped Green with one count of furnishing ecstasy to a female victim — a felony carrying a potential sentence of up to four years in prison.

Green, whose real name is Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, pleaded not guilty to the charge in a courtroom in downtown Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

He wore a knee-length black crochet jacket, flowing black pants and tinted glasses as he stood beside defense lawyer Blair Berk and said he understood he could be taken into custody if he failed to post $30,000 bail before the court closed.

Christina Aguilera beber en grupo mucho dinero

August 14, 2013

GIRL, YOU THINK YOU’RE CHER? Bopping into West Hollywood gay bar Eleven like the Queen of queens, CHRISTINA AGUILERA – with two gay guy pals in tow – curtsied and blew kisses as the crowd of surprised male-only patrons showered her with shouted “I love you’s!”

Giddily basking in the worship, “The Voice” coach announced she was buying drinks for all her new “boyfriends.”

That made everyone – especially the management – fall in love with Christina all over again, until…it was time to pay her five hundred dollar$$-plu$ tab.

Said My SpyWitness: “Flabbergasted when the bartender handed her the hefty bill, she whined, ‘Really?…You want me to pay for all these drinks? I thought I’d be comped.’

“The bartender apologized and told her he’d love to pick up her tab, but he’s not the owner and he’d be fired if he did!”

Fury written all over her face, Christina whipped out her credit card, paid up and stormed out.

Is it sexual harassment for Hillary Clinton to leer at Christina Aguilera’s breasts?

December 10, 2012

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Christina Aguilera’s butt burst her pants

November 22, 2012