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Time’s Up for Corrupt Time’s Up Group #MeToo

January 24, 2023

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Celebrity Freak-Outs – Worst in the last ten years

December 31, 2019

Today, we look at some of the most outrageous celebrity quotes of the decade

Harvey Weinstein gone wild – 3 Rape accusations surface

October 10, 2017

All the latest news in the mushrooming Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal

Nasty Women for Hillary taint DC Women’s march

January 22, 2017

The Secret Service has reportedly said it will open an investigation into Madonna after the singer told the Women’s March on Washington that she had thought about ‘blowing up the White House’.

Donning a black p***yhat, the music icon caused controversy by dropping the F-bomb four times, sparking a slew of apologies from broadcasters airing the protest live.

She went on to speak of her rage at the election result, telling the crowd she had thought a lot about ‘blowing up the White House’ but knew that it ‘wouldn’t change anything’.

Ashley Judd discovers tracking device on her car

December 20, 2013

Ashley Judd has released a statement regarding the police report she filed in Tennessee last month accusing her half-sister, country music star Wynonna Judd, of trying to spy on her after a tracking device was found in her car.

Ashley Judd stressed out

April 26, 2013

ASHLEY JUDD is strug­gling to cope after being socked with a devastat­ing double whammy, and friends fear she’s on the verge of a breakdown!

The actress-turned-activist, 45, was still reeling after announcing her divorce from race car driver Dario Franchitti when she was blasted as “emotionally unbal­anced” in a political dirty tricks campaign meeting.

Sources say the brutal verbal attack by her potential rival, Re­publican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, sent her over the edge.

“TO HEAR THE TAPE OF SEN. McConnell’s staff openly tearing her apart for some very personal issues cut Ashley to the bone,” a source close to Judd told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s had a lot of bad stuff thrown at her in a very short time, and we worry that she may need long-term professional mental health help right now – before it’s too late.”

Ashley – star of “A Time To Kill” and “Twisted,” and daughter and sister of country singers Naomi and Wynonna Judd – has a history of mental health issues.

Ashley Judd too weird for even liberal Democrats

March 17, 2013

Practical politics will usually win out. And in the case of Ashley Judd’s probable challenge in Kentucky to Senator Mitch McConnell, the ideological layout of the state is telling Democrats that the celeb doesn’t have much of a chance.

Ashley Judd’s beliefs originate from Planet Wack

February 28, 2013

. .____GREEN link below . -___A Primer on Ashley  -__Judd‘s Fringe Beliefs .   ____GREEN link below ASHLEY JUDD DIVORCE  ___CONFIDENTIAL –  –The National Enquirer . ____ GREEN link below . _Ashley Judd splits from ____Dario Franchitti –  .___chicagotribune.com     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ____

Ashley Judd’s husband Dario felt he was trapped in ‘Juddville’

February 8, 2013

ASHLEY JUDD’s mar­riage to racing star Dario Franchitti hit the skids over her endless feuds with superstar mom Naomi and big sis Wynonna, insiders say.

“Dario was trapped in Judd-ville,” said a source close to the 39-year-old, three-time Indy 500 champ. “He had to play referee between Ashley, Naomi and Wynonna. It was mentally exhausting, and his marriage always seemed to take sec­ond place to issues in Ashley’s family.”

The final straw came when Scotsman Dario begged Ashley, 44, to go into marriage counsel­ing to save their childless 11-year union. Instead, the “Missing” star joined her mom and sister for family counseling with a life coach, said the source.

“Ashley figured that she and Dario were solid, and everything would be OK if she sorted out her feelings toward her mother and sister,” said the source.

“Instead, the family counsel­ing ended up tearing Dario and Ashley apart.”

Ashley Judd divorcing her race car husband Dario Franchitti

February 2, 2013

Actress Ashley Judd and her husband, race car driver Dario Franchitti, are divorcing, Us Weekly is reporting.

“We have mutually decided to end our marriage. We’ll always be family and continue to cherish our relationship based on the special love, integrity, and respect we have always enjoyed,” the couple said in a statement.

Shortly after the statement was released Judd tweeted: “Family forever. @dariofranchitti.”

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Franchitti also sent a tweet of his own: “@ashleyjudd family forever.”

The couple was married in December 2001 in a castle in Scotland, Franchitti’s home country.