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Let’s Check In On Modern Art – Paul Joseph Watson VIDEO

August 17, 2022

Gun Owners of America uses Alinsky tactics on Up-Chuck Schumer

March 9, 2020

Saul Alinsky may have written his Rules for Radicals to give leftists an advantage in the battle for America’s soul, but that doesn’t mean that the rules aren’t tactically wise. On Friday, Gun Owners of America (“GOA”) decided to put into play several of those rules when it asked to have Sen. Chuck Schumer “red-flagged” as a potentially dangerous person.

Barack Obama learned rabble rousing from Saul Alinsky

February 17, 2018

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Obama learned from Saul Alinsky who learned from Antonio Gramsci

October 25, 2014

Antonio Gramsci is a figure of high importance to the development of the left, both in Britain and the United states. While looking into Gramsci, I came across James Joll’s book, a clear exposition of Gramsci’s ideas by a fan of the Italian Marxist. Thus it can be said that the text is a fair account of Gramsci’s ideas. And if there is any bias in the texts I’ve chosen, it’s bias in favor — rather than against – Antonio Gramsci.