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‘Lovelace’ biopic edited so as not to offend ‘Big Porn’

January 17, 2013

Linda Lovelace, who rose to infamy thanks to her starring roles in several ’70s adult films, became a vocal anti-porn crusader in her later years.
You won’t see that side of her story in the upcoming biopic based on her tragic life.
The creators of “Lovelace,” starring Amanda Seyfried of “Mamma Mia!” fame in the title role, have removed that part of Lovelace’s legacy from their film.
The movie’s co-directors — Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman — told EW.com they initially planned to end the movie after Lovelace quits the adult film business, befriends Steinem and becomes an anti-pornography activist, but instead the filmmakers decided to wrap the bio-picture earlier, meaning Parker’s part was left on the editing room floor.
It’s odd to cast a big name like Parker (who replaced Demi Moore) to play an iconic figure to the Left like Steinem and then jettison her part entirely. Was the production fearful of potential backlash for showing Lovelace’s anti-porn crusade?

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