You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

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Better Thanksgiving with Science!

November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we know what you’re thinking: How can I science this thing? (That’s what you’re thinking, right?)

Oh, The weather outside is frightful

January 30, 2019

Learning how to effectively deal with cold weather is going to be key to your survival.

Sunday’s total lunar eclipse – ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’

January 19, 2019

A total lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon when the moon passes directly through the Earth’s shadow, causing it to turn rusty orange or dark red in color.
The lunar eclipse will be visible across all of North America and South America and partially visible in Europe and Africa on the night of Jan. 20 into the early hours of Jan. 21.

4 Reasons Why ‘Climate Change’ Is a Hoax

October 9, 2018

In other words, one of the climate crisis lobby’s most loyal sycophants told his like-minded colleagues that they not only must conceal evidence that casts doubt on global warming theory, but also craft their research in dishonest ways designed to create terror in the minds of a trusting public. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that dishonesty and concealment of contrarian views have no place in legitimate science.

FAKE SCIENCE about to be exposed on a global scale

May 26, 2018

Monsanto is showing some clear signs that they’re getting nervous as their dishonest practices come significantly closer to being brought to light on a grand scale.

Cold weather survival info

December 28, 2017

Dealing with really cold weather is an issue that you are going to have to face after society breaks down. Simply turning on the heater on your houses central heating unit is not going to be an option. Learning how to effectively deal with cold weather is going to be key to your survival.

Hooray for Carbon Dioxide!

September 24, 2017

Among the greatest challenges humankind has faced throughout its history, feeding the world’s hungry ranks at or near the very top of the list. And with the world’s population expected to top nine billion between 2050 and 2100, this issue will surely become even more important in the coming decades.

THE FUTURE IS NOW! (echo) Now… now…

August 31, 2017

These very strange-looking gizmos were spotted at Europe’s largest tech conference in Berlin this week


August 21, 2017

Scientist to start trials to ‘Reanimate Living Cadavers’ in Latin America

July 22, 2017

When injected into humans, he claims, the bioquantines find their way to diseased or damaged cells and help restore them to a healthier state.

The company Dr Paylian founded, Bioquark, is part of a broader project called ReAnima – which is ‘exploring the potential of cutting edge biomedical technology for human neuro-regeneration and neuro-reanimation.’