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NBC lambasted on Social Media after declaring Oprah Winfrey the future president

January 8, 2018

Television network NBC was taken to task on social media Sunday after declaring Oprah Winfrey the future president of the United States

‘Chappaquiddick’ trailer – Ted Kennedy drunk driving drama – VIDEO

January 6, 2018

. . . . .

Bill Maher tweets groping photo mocking Al Franken

January 5, 2018

Comedian Bill Maher tweeted a photo in which he appeared to grab the chest of actor Bob Saget, a reenactment of the now-infamous photo of disgraced Democrat Al Franken appearing to grope the breast of radio host Leeann Tweeden.

Justice Department looking into Crooked Hillary emails again

January 5, 2018

Days after marked-classified information turned up in the release of State Department emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the Justice Department once again is looking into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of government secrets while she served as secretary of state, according to a report.

Meryl Streep attacks Melania Trump for being silent on Sexual Assault

January 4, 2018

Actress Meryl Streep lashed out at Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump in a New York Times interview published Wednesday, accusing the first lady and White House senior advisor of remaining silent about sexual misconduct.

‘Blackish’ episode – If you’re struggling in school, just use your Race to cheat

January 3, 2018

On the January 2 episode of ABC’s sitcom Blackish, “Working Girl,” eight-year-old twins Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Martin) get some terrible advice from their grandmother Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) – If you’re struggling in school, just use your race to cheat.

Top Ten examples of Big Ed idiocy in 2017

January 3, 2018

There were many crazy moments to choose from in 2017 as universities became free speech battlegrounds

Jackie Mason’s Best Celebrity Takedowns of 2017 – VIDEO

January 2, 2018

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.
For nearly a full year now, Jackie has taken repeated aim at the “so-called celebrities,” know-nothings, and degenerates in Hollywood.