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Dirty Trickster behind Trump ‘Dossier’ subpoenaed after refusing to testify

July 22, 2017

For all the talk of obstruction and interference by the Trump camp, it’s neither Donald Trump Jr. nor Paul Manafort who are challenging their scheduled testimony in the Senate next Wednesday, but rather the man who according to many started the whole “Trump Russia collusion” narrative, who is doing everything in his power to avoid testifying next week.

Folk song mocking Alex Jones backfires big time – VIDEO

July 22, 2017

The evidence behind the mashable meme gaining millions of views online

Sean Spicer resigns as WH Press secretary

July 21, 2017

White House press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned, just six months after holding the job, according to White House sources.

Spicer made his decision after President Donald Trump appointed long-time loyalist Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director.

Mueller’s investigative committee has Gone Fishin’

July 21, 2017

If God is truly great, Trump will fire Mueller, seize his documents, and have him arrested for colluding with the media and plotting a coup against the President. If chaos is truly set to rain down upon us, like the ash at Pompeii, we will need Trump to start taking militant action against his enemies.

This is the end game now — just 6 months into his Presidency.

Trump team scouring backgrounds of investigators hired by special counsel Mueller

July 21, 2017

James Comey allowed numerous Democrat crimes to go unpunished during his three-year term leading the FBI, James Comey was appointed by Obama because he was a political insider with many dark connections to the Democrats, James Comey was rewarded handsomely for enforcing a two-tiered justice system where the political elite live free from consequence

Reporter claims Steve Bannon facing the ‘Death Penalty’ for espionage

July 20, 2017

Mensch, a former British MP, is now the purveyor of fantastical conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and Russia.

Muslim Comic schooled by Eric Trump on establishment media distortion and lies

July 20, 2017

Mohammed Amer is a Muslim comedian who traffics liberally in claims that Muslims are being unfairly victimized in post-9/11 America. Operating as if such a false media narrative is still simply accepted as truth in 2016, Amer’s website proclaims:

With parents from Palestine, born in Kuwait, and raised in Houston, Texas, his entire life provides fodder for hilarious — and at times heartbreaking — personal stories.
Well, Amer just got what he assumed would be a splendid opportunity to further his career of playing victim, but it didn’t turn out that way. Amer boarded a plane last week, and to his shock, found Eric Trump, Donald’s son, next to him.

White man with Black girlfriend branded “Racist” by Muslim woman on social media

July 20, 2017

Meet the first (possible) racist.

He’s an architect by the name of Pawel Uczciwek. This man is accused of having “racially abused a woman” and then of “trying to pull off her hijab” in a London Tube station.

Yet the accused man (or “Islamophobe”) also said that his black girlfriend was under a “racist attack from three other random females”.

Pawel Uczciwek also said that the allegation against him is “completely false.” He continued:

Is TWITTER manipulating what users view? – VIDEO

July 20, 2017

David Seaman was a popular Twitter user who got sick of spending his time on a platform he viewed as ‘rigged’.
Is it time for Twitter users to second guess where they put their content?