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January 22, 2021

Obama Himself Was the Threat to the Rule of Law

May 10, 2020

Former President Barack Obama warned Friday that the “rule of law is at risk” because former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn will no longer be prosecuted.

Glenn Beck jumps on the Trump Train to save his crashing career

May 19, 2018

Glenn Beck, the staunch Never-Trump radio host and founder of The Blaze, announced on Friday that he is supporting President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid

Tomi Lahren burned up at The Blaze and Daily Caller

April 21, 2017

She often butted heads with other BlazeTV personalities and seemed jealous when others received public attention. Lahren seemed to especially dislike BlazeTV host Dana Loesch, and would avoid her at all costs — even refusing to enter the makeup room if Loesch was present. Loesch declined to comment for this story.

Glenn Beck countersuing Tomi Lahren

April 18, 2017

Glenn Beck and The Blaze are countersuing Tomi Lahren, according to court documents filed on Monday and obtained by legal website LawNewz.com.

Glenn Beck running to try and jump on The Trump Train

November 11, 2016

TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck extended an olive branch to President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, telling his radio audience that he would call Trump and offer his support.
Beck, one of Trump’s harshest critics, described the president-elect’s victory speech on Tuesday night as “extraordinarily gracious and exactly the right tone.”

Glenn Beck chooses global domination by Elites over imperfect Trump

October 11, 2016

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck took to his Facebook page last Saturday to urge his followers to abandon support of Republican nominee Donald Trump, declaring that if such an action results in the election of Hillary Clinton, “so be it” because “[a]t least it is a moral, ethical choice.”

Bill Clinton’s Orgy Island buddy ‘Ephebophilia’ Epstein out of jail

September 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has already been rocked by her top aide’s husband being caught in an underage sex scandal — and now Bill Clinton’s close pedophile pal is back on the streets! The National ENQUIRER caught billionaire Jeffrey Epstein out in Manhattan with a much-younger woman. But while it’s humiliating for Hillary to have Epstein on the scene, at least his new girlfriend looks to be of legal age!

Glenn Beck’s latest Trump temper tantrum – VIDEO

August 21, 2016

“Look at the people that [Trump] has surrounded himself with,” Beck said. “Roger Stone — Nixon hatchet man. Roger Ailes – Nixon, and quite frankly a very effective, hatchet man… Stephen Bannon – absolute dangerous hatchet man. Donald Trump – hatchet man. People in the campaign now are saying Donald Trump is going to be free to run it his way.”

Mainstream Media decree Trump a Bigot. I’m shocked – SHOCKED!

June 9, 2016

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