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Manufacturing Dumb Masses for the New World Order

June 24, 2017

Children are being diagnosed and dosed with toxic drugs at a staggering rate

‘Bread-and-Circuses’ government and perverse culture create dependency epidemic

June 30, 2014

The concept of bread and circus has appeared in numerous societies, but in slightly different forms. In ancient Rome, the “bread” was grain, given freely to citizens, while, the “circus” consisted of a combination of gladiatorial and field (ex. chariot) games. As technology has advanced, the American “bread” has become cheap food, subsidized through SNAP (food stamps), while the “circus” has become mindless and vapid digital entertainment (ex. the Kardashians, Duck Dynasty, etc.).
Despite the technological updates to the term, the general idea remains the same: The societal elite can placate a population with the bare minimum required to eat and enough amusement to pass the time, in order to keep them under control. This placation gives the elite the ability to do fundamentally unpopular and damaging things, without having to worry about the population revolting en mass—enough people are lulled into inaction by the fact that they are just scraping by and believe that they will one day be one of the elite.

Shy children too often medicated for their ‘mental illness’

September 15, 2011

shy children sometimes assumed to have mental illness and are medicated with powerful drugs

Legal Drugs are a duel edged sword

November 13, 2010

. . Big Pharma/Drugs links Big Pharma and Obama Worshiping Media concocted the Swine Flu /H1N1 Panic for Socialized Medicine and billions of dollars 22moon.com told you April 30th, 2009 the H1N1 Panic was a myth! 22MOON.com VS Mainstream Media Apocalypse Predictions for 2010 from The Moon Of The Manly . . Kids and the need for speed Who needs […]

SpongeBob: Don’t Do Drugs!

June 28, 2010

SpongeBob sez: Don’t Do Drugs!

Nancy Pelosi would rather treat teens for drug use than stop drugs at the border

May 8, 2010

Nancy Pelosi says it is cheaper to treat teens for drug abuse than stop drugs at the mexican border

Anti-depressants often DO NOT work (Part ONE of TWO)

January 7, 2010

Anti-depressants often DO NOT work (Part ONE of TWO)

Anti-depressants often DO NOT work (Part TWO of TWO)

January 7, 2010

Anti-depressants often DO NOT work (Part TWO of TWO)

Largest drug pushers in the world are in your town

January 7, 2010

Big Pharma largest drug pushers on the globe

Dealing Drugs At Age 11

January 2, 2010

Drug Dealing At Age Eleven