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Mister Rogers would have outraged the Cry-Bully Brigade

January 19, 2016

Seriously. If poor Fred Rogers were alive today, he would currently be strapped to a pile of sticks about to be set on fire by a group of rabid social justice warriors (SJWs). Have you seen his show? It’s the most genderogynist (trademarking that word directly after publishing) right-wing hate ideology you ever heard. My son, who is one and a half and totally adorable, has decided that “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” is the only show that interests him, so I’ve been watching it (over and over again) for a few months.

Campus Life – cross between totalitarian indoctrination facilities and daycare centers

January 19, 2016

Some characterize the growing campus madness as a “war on free speech” or “on the First Amendment,” while others decry “political correctness run amok” and the phantom menace of “micro-aggressions” (harmless statements with no malintent, but nevertheless deemed aggressive attacks on “minority populations”). Still others focus on the wider political implications, i.e., the indoctrination of students to serve as “useful idiots” and “ground troops” for the radical left’s ongoing transformation of America.

But these characterizations, while true and troubling enough, are incomplete and don’t encompass the deeper reality of what is actually occurring on many of America’s college campuses.

Top Social Justice Warrior fails of 2015 – VIDEO

December 28, 2015

2015 was when social justice warriors and the regressive left went ‘full retard’

Bathroom privacy on the CA ballot

December 6, 2015

It started getting public attention as a movement in California a number of years ago, where activists all of a sudden demanded “respect” for homosexuals and transgenders in public schools and progressives in the West Coast state responded with a law that banned negative portrayals of those alternative sexual lifestyle choices.

Provocateurs providing campus Cry-Baby orchestrated outrage

November 30, 2015

No, blacks and Latinos are not particularly interested in “safe spaces” or “trigger warnings.” These pseudo-therapeutic phrases sound very much like (because they are) the type of babble heard from wilting suburban white girls. Not the types of suburban white girls who get black belts in taekwondo and later vote Republican, mind you, but rather the types who usually accuse black and Latino men of “bullying” and go on to intern at “women’s centers” on leafy New England campuses.

Caitlyn Jenner confronted by protesters

November 13, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner was left shaken after furious trans protesters targeted her outside a charity event on Thursday.

The I Am Cait star was speaking at a lunch put on by an LGBT charity in Chicago when the incident occurred.

The former Olympian tried to talk to protesters, who weren’t happy that a “clueless rich white women” was representing their community, as she left the venue.

But things soon turned sour, with one shouting: “You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women.”

In the video, shot by Showbiz Shelly, another could be be heard saying, “You have no right to represent us!”

Democrats kicked to the curb by voters in Tuesday elections

November 5, 2015

Voters roundly rejected Democrats and “progressive” ballot initiatives favored by President Obama in local and statewide elections Tuesday. In many cases it wasn’t close, and in many cases the left failed despite a heavily Democratic local population:

Houston Texas citizens stand for common sense – alert the Cry-Bully Brigade

November 4, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas – Voters of Houston came out in massive numbers and soundly rejected Mayor Anise Parker’s ordinance proposal that would have allowed men to enter women’s bathrooms, showers and changing areas based on gender identification. The HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) proposition was rejected by a vote of 61 to 39 percent with 95 percent of the ballots counted.


Caitlyn Jenner Glamour’s ‘Woman Of The Year’?

October 25, 2015

The politically correct Glamour Magazine has reportedly waived the one defining requirement of candidates for its “Woman of the Year” honor—a double X chromosome—in conferring the title for 2015 on crossdresser Bruce Jenner, a move many women are finding insulting.

Matt Damon can’t escape the pull of LGBTQ Cry-Bully gravity

October 5, 2015

Matt Damon is an insufferable jerk. You know it. I know it. Rupert Everett most certainly does.
The Hollywood liberal (read: smug hypocrite) has interrupted the outer-space high surrounding Friday’s release of his Oscar-bait star turn, “The Martian,” to conduct a parallel “I’m Not a Homophobe” tour. But it’s only driving him deeper into the quicksand with LGBTQ types and those, like me, who couldn’t care less whom a performer loves. It’s 2015, Matt. Get over yourself!


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