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Queen of Mean Perez Hilton’s latest ploy for Media attention: He suggests Kylie get an abortion – VIDEO

September 23, 2017

‘Do you think killing an unborn baby is ok?’ Perez Hilton sparks outrage after he cruelly insists ‘pregnant’ Kylie Jenner should have an ABORTION… as he’s branded a ‘judgemental d**khead’

Lady Gaga out on the town for her 30th birthday

March 31, 2016

LADY GAGA appears to have recycled her Easter egg wrappers and made a dress.

The pop star, accompanied by fiancé TAYLOR KINNEY kissed goodbye to her twenties by hosting a birthday bash with a guest list that rivalled the Grammys.

Jennifer Lawrence shares more words of her wisdom

November 13, 2015

. . . .

Chloe Goodman erotico stuzzicante fotografia collezione – Part TWO of SIX

November 10, 2015

She revealed that this year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates threatened to walk out because of Perez Hilton.

But first-evicted star Chloe Goodman is now staging her protest from the outside after he got a lucky escape from Tuesday night’s eviction because it was cancelled for a second time.

The 21-year-old model hit the town in a ‘Get Perez Out!’ dress on Monday night after raging about his ‘manipulative’ and ‘bullying’ behaviour in the Channel 5 reality show.

Cry-Bully Brigade whines for a Gay or bi-sexual Bond

September 26, 2015

Former 007 suggests that a future Bond could one day be depicted as gay but believes current producer would not allow it

Will Politically Correct Cry-Bullies kill off James Bond?

July 5, 2015

Next, we need a new Bond. No need to be tied to convention here; the era of middle-aged white British men is over. In the spirit of the Jenner clan, the 21st Century cries out for an androgynous Bond. Maybe Miley Cyrus? Also, the name “James” is too 29th Century. Something like “Jamey” would be more appropriate, and allow Bond to swing easily between male and female, as necessary or desired.

Beware the Cry-Bully

June 17, 2015

Anne was referring to the social-justice warriors—or, as Julie Burchill calls them, “cry-bullies”—who drag innocent people through shame hell in the quest for equality. Brooks acknowledges that these people are driven by emotions, not facts, but they have “noble impulses.” I’m not so sure. In fact, I think there is a lot more truth in that one comment than there is in Brooks’ entire piece. These people don’t behave like social human beings who have any concept of justice, and they are far too cowardly to be associated with warriors. They seem more like the mentally ill. Michael Savage claims that “liberalism is a mental disorder,” and I’m beginning to think he’s right.

Perez Hilton is still “The Queen Of Mean”

January 31, 2015

Perez Hilton could face police questioning after he leaves the Celebrity Big Brother house, following his outrageous behaviour towards housemate Katie Hopkins, it has been claimed.

The celebrity blogger sparked outrage when he LICKED Hopkins before asking her to perform a SEX ACT on him in scenes cut from the show, and received a warning from Big Brother over the unacceptable behavour.

Despite Katie telling Perez firmly not to kiss or lick her, Big Brother points out, Perez stood very close to her and made kissing and licking actions towards her face before saying: “If you get within licking distance I will lick you.”

Perez Hilton dubbed ‘the most hated man in Britain’ by Celebrity Big Brother viewers

January 30, 2015

American gossip blogger Perez Hilton has been dubbed ‘the most hated man in Britain’ by Celebrity Big Brother viewers who want him kicked off the show after a string of vicious spats with other stars.

Hilton – who is gay – has built a reputation on publishing cruel stories about celebrities and effectively forcing a number of stars to come out of the closet by posting about their sexuality.

Now he has chosen co-stars as his latest targets – comparing Ken Morley to cancer, wrongly accusing Patsy Kensit of a racial slur and telling two others to try ‘pretend lesbianism’ to win votes.

His behaviour has sparked an online backlash from offended fans and media watchdog Ofcom is considering an official probe into the Channel 5 show after a number of complaints.

Where to stream every single James Bond 007 film

January 5, 2015

Just this morning, the title and cast of the 24th film in the James Bond franchise were announced from the 007 stage in London. Sam Mendes, director of Skyfall, is rumored to be directing… wait for it… Spectre.

Pronounced “spek-ter,” Daniel Craig, AKA the best Bond in the history of Bonds, will be back in the lead role, with Chistoph Waltz as the classic villain Oberhauser. Ralph Fiennes will be playing the new M, and Ben Whishaw will be returning as Q. The voluptuous Monica Bellucci will be Bond’s gal, and Léa Seydoux of Blue is the Warmest Color is set to play Madeline Swann.

There’s a November 6, 2015 stamp on the film’s IMDb page, so you have plenty of time to revisit your favorite Bond films or check out films in the franchise you haven’t seen yet. Here’s where you can stream them all before next year.