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Fauci Withheld Life-Saving Drugs from Gays with AIDS – VIDEO

November 11, 2021

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Let’s Go Brandon ReeEEeE Stream – Salty Cracker VIDEO

October 28, 2021

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Fauci: Recent Attacks on Me ‘Really Very Much an Attack on Science’

June 8, 2021

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Fauci will be gone in 90 days

June 2, 2021

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Anthony Fauci helped invent Cancel Culture in 1989

August 4, 2020

Long before he attained celebrity status with the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci pioneered what is now called “cancel culture.” The victim was a medical scientists far more qualified than Fauci himself.

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Seeking Dr Fauci, WHO Records on Wuhan Virus

May 6, 2020

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton explains to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs why the organization filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Daily Caller seeking Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization’s records as the coronavirus pandemic affected the U.S.

One Million new cases a day: Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia running rampant

June 4, 2019

Gonorrhoea cases in England reach a 40-YEAR high amid a 26% spike in ‘the clap’ as official figures also reveal rises in both syphilis and chlamydia

HIV is exploding among Transgender Women… total silence from Left-Wing Media

April 25, 2019

It used to be that AIDS was widely regarded as the “gay disease.” But now it’s a transgender disease as well, with new data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that an astounding one in seven transgender “women” are infected with HIV.

WINNING – Charlie Sheen one year sober

December 13, 2018

Charlie Sheen earned his one-year chip.

On Tuesday, the 53-year-old actor announced on Twitter that he’s been sober for one year. He shared a picture of his chip and wrote, “so, THIS happened yesterday!”

HIV-positive Teachers’ Aide faces more than 100 felony counts of child sex abuse

August 3, 2017

Sheriff Troy Berry says a video on one of Bell’s electronic devices shows him appearing to have sex with a boy inside a classroom