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Kamala Harris says she Llstened to Snoop and Tupac in college… 10 years before they launched their careers

February 12, 2019

More Lies: Kamala Harris Says She Got High and Listened to Snoop and Tupac in College… 10 Yrs. Before They Launched Their Careers

President Trump legalizing industrial Hemp

January 7, 2019

The federal farm bill that Congress passed last week assigns regulatory authority of industrial hemp to the states

WINNING – Charlie Sheen one year sober

December 13, 2018

Charlie Sheen earned his one-year chip.

On Tuesday, the 53-year-old actor announced on Twitter that he’s been sober for one year. He shared a picture of his chip and wrote, “so, THIS happened yesterday!”

Psychedelic Sixties in London: Groovy photographs

December 8, 2018

When London really was swinging! Naked hippies, Mods and miniskirts star in fantastic collection of photos from the psychedelic 1960s

Off teleprompter Obama sounds high during Global Warming propaganda speech

November 21, 2018

Yesterday, in an utterly friendly venue (an Obama Foundation event) and a friendly audience, Barack went so far off the rails into incoherence that I am wondering if Obama has reverted to the habits of his choom gang days.

Marijuana industry hemp hopped-up Potheads push to eliminate the word ‘Stoner’

September 20, 2018

MedMen’s $2 million “Forget Stoner” advertising campaign debuted earlier this year and is part of a larger, on-going push by the cannabis industry to normalize the use of marijuana.

April 20th is 420 Day

April 20, 2018

Weed Day falls on April 20 every year.

In the US calendar, this date is written as 4/20 – digits that have become synonymous with cannabis culture.

In nine US states the recreational use of cannabis is legal for people aged 21 and over.

It is a day half of celebration and half a call to action – calling for the decriminalisation of the drug.

Left Wing Cry-Bullies decree the word ‘Marijuana’ is Racist

January 30, 2018

In an article for The Guardian Monday, writer Alex Halperin asks whether it’s time to stop using the word “Marijuana” due to its “racist roots.”

Maryjane Weed legal in Califronia

January 2, 2018

New era opens in California with first sales of recreational marijuana

Danish Drug Dealer facing prison after jumping into Police car with 1000 joints

December 25, 2017

A drug dealer in Denmark is facing prison after getting into a police car with 1000 joints thinking the vehicle was a taxi