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‘Homeland’ Season Six Psi-Op against Alex Jones and Infowars

March 20, 2017

Television programming being used to portray Jones as crazy

Emma Stone holding up a sign of her favorite website

July 6, 2014

It wasn’t exactly original but it was an amusing way for Anne Hathaway to grab attention.

The 31-year-old Les Miserables actress showed her spirited AND mischievous side during a casual walk with husband Adam Shulman and their dogs in Brooklyn, New York on the 4th of July.

Anne and Adam each brandished a handmade sign cut from box cardboard with Anne’s pointing to a few of their favoured websites.

Oscar photo bombs away

March 4, 2014

She got photobombed by Jared Leto while on the carpet for the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday.

But earlier while at the Academy Awards ceremony, Anne Hathaway did some bombing of her own. Her victim was Jessica Biel. With her arms raised up and her mouth open, the Devil Wears Prada actress made a big show of her interruption.

The wife of Justin Timberlake seemed to enjoy the move as she opened her mouth wide in mock horror.

Damian Lewis caught red handed dating his wife

January 16, 2014

. .____GREEN link below .   ___Damian Lewis enjoys  -_______low-key pub night with -___wife Helen McCrory  ______| Mail Online . . . . .____GREEN link below . _____SNL HOMELAND ______SPOOF – YouTube .   . . . . .

‘Homeland’ Carry Mathison based on real CIA operative

October 6, 2013

They are both blonde, beautiful and hell-bent on catching the bad guys.

Yet these days, real-life spy Valerie Plame is content simply to sit back and watch her fictional counterpart Carrie Mathison risk her life to keep America safe on the hit TV series Homeland.

Indeed, Valerie and Carrie – played by actress Claire Danes – share some extraordinary similarities.

Anne Hathaway 1st wedding anniversary

October 1, 2013

As an in demand celebrity her work involves glitzy parties and glamorous dinners.

So when it comes to her private life Anne Hathaway can be forgiven for wanting to enjoy the simple things.

Anne and her actor-jewelry designer husband Adam Shulman spent at least part of their first wedding anniversary doing the most mundane task – grocery shopping.

Fittingly they were spotted carrying paper bags full of tasty treats – paper is the traditional gift on a first wedding anniversary

Geeks seek comic book Heroines

May 17, 2013

COMIC book geeks have never had it so good.

With more and more films based on comics, there’s pressure on directors to get an eye-catching leading lady.

And the recent efforts haven’t disappointed. With some classic comic strips hitting the big screen, there’s plenty for cinema-goers to get distracted by – and we’re not talking about over-priced movie snacks.

Gwyneth Paltrow ‘accidentally’ flashes flesh at the ‘Iron Man 3’ premiere

April 27, 2013

. __2 GREEN links below . _Gwyneth Paltrow admits __to a close shave before ___flesh-flashing dress ______| The Sun  . . ___Gwyneth Paltrow in __revealing dress at Iron ____Man 3 premiere ______| The Sun . . . , .

Celebrities flashing their Naughty Bits for publicity? I’m shocked – SHOCKED!

March 26, 2013

CELEBRITIES appear to be falling out of their frocks and flashing their knickers all over the place these days.
But are all their fashion fails really accidental or did they set up their nip slips and underwear exposures to ensure they hit the headlines?

Serial Exhibitionist Anne Hathaway flashing her nipples at the Oscars photos

February 25, 2013

While Anne Hathaway looked poised and lovely on the Oscars red carpet, some of those watching at home couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the nipple action poking through her satiny Prada gown. (Which is ironic, considering she’s up for Best Supporting Actress, people.)
So, from the same peanut gallery that brought you @AngiesRightLeg last year, so was born @HathawayNipple, or AnneHathawayNipples, tonight.
See more side boob of the stars right here!
“#LesNipplerables,” tweeted the winner of the 2013 Oscar for best original hashtag.
But the wardrobe dysfunction didn’t stop there!
Hathaway had a healthy dose of side boob peeking out the sides of her halter-style gown, as well.