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Fortnite Players Throw Tomatoes at In-Game Screen of BLM Activists

July 14, 2020

Van Jones’ stern visage on the in-game projection screens was unceremoniously pelted with tomatoes from nearby vending machines, which supplied an infinite stock of the digital vegetables.

Super Woke Hollywood trashing TV

July 14, 2020

We’re already told Hollywood should think twice about telling more police stories. Stories that show heroic cops, a staple of TV and films for decades, are now problematic, or worse. Heck, “Paw Patrol” narrowly escaped cultural cancellation.

Woke Hollywood turns on The Audience

July 14, 2020

Financial disaster won’t discourage these people. They’ll continue to blast traditional values even as they sink.

Woke Culture eating Woke White Hollywood

July 14, 2020

Hollywood’s identity crisis: Actors, writers and producers warn of ‘reverse racism’ in the film industry which has created a ‘toxic’ climate for anyone who is a white, middle-age man

Machiavellian Manipulation: Mask Hysteria histrionics

July 14, 2020

Wearing the mask is part of an initiation ritual for the New World Order

Jessica Simpson says goodbye to her 30s – Part THREE of FIVE

July 14, 2020

‘Hello 40’: Birthday girl Jessica Simpson slips back into her True Religion 14 years on after losing more than 100lbs