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The Reign of Terror will end: The Thermidor reaction is coming

June 22, 2020

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Do you really imagine you’re sticking it to the Man? You are the Man!

June 22, 2020

The brave spirits of Seattle originally named their new country Chaz, for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Just as all that was in play, we learned that Chaz has renamed itself to Chop, the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. Why? I asked around.

Apparently the authorities in Chaz were immensely flattered to see themselves being compared to French Revolutionaries. Now, a thing everyone knows about the French Revolution—even, I guess, the drug-addled, low-IQ, miseducated rabble running Chaz—a thing everyone knows is that the revolutionaries chopped off the heads of the former ruling class, including the king and queen, with the guillotine.

“That’s what we’ll do!” the Seattle mob is telling us by renaming themselves Chop.[They’re already joking about guillotines in CHAZ/CHOP By Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, June 16, 2020 ]

But, since the teaching of history collapsed into anti-white sermonizing forty years ago, nobody much younger than sixty knows that a couple of years after that wonderful, laudable chopping-off of aristocratic and counter-revolutionary heads in France, the original radical revolutionaries themselves faced the blade. Danton got chopped; so did Robespierre; so did Desmoulins; so did Saint-Just; and so on.

And every other radical revolution has followed the same path. Russia? There is a mighty host of Old Bolsheviks lined up in the Afterlife to tell you all about it: Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, Trotsky, …

China? Look up Wang Shiwei, Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai, and several million others. Mao didn’t do things by halves.

And if comparing the Seattle mob to French revolutionaries is in the air, I can’t resist laying on you once again the line—I know I’ve used it before—the line from Ramzpaul to the protestors outside the 2014 American Renaissance conference, quote:

Do you really imagine you’re sticking it to the Man? You are the Man!

For the Mighty—the big corporations, the prestigious colleges, the media, the Uniparty that has a stranglehold on our politics, our Woke judiciary that has an even tighter death-grip on our jurisprudence—for them, for the mighty in their seats of power, these riots and lootings and vandalism and silencings are all gravy.

AOC Congratulates Teens For Using App From Communist China Trying To Tank Trump Rally

June 22, 2020

“Squad” member, and ultra-radical, AOC, aka Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who appears to be suffering from a deficit of morals, sent “teens” a message of gratitude last night for using Tik-Tok, an app made by a tech company in Beijing, to lie about attending President Trump’s Tulsa rally.

Charlize Theron enjoys dinner out – Part ONE of FIVE

June 22, 2020

Charlize Theron dons a rose print face mask as she enjoys dinner out at Nobu in Malibu with her two daughters Jackson and August