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Quaker Oats cancels ‘Aunt Jemima’ – replaces her with ‘Karen’

June 17, 2020

Trump should demand that Quaker Oats not only keep the image of Aunt Jemima on the package but restore the “mammy” kerchief that the character used to wear before it was modernized. (“Tradition!”) If he’s going to fight a culture war to protect Confederate names on U.S. military bases, he might as well fight on all fronts.

Black Lives Matter is a political party bent on Globalist domination of America – VIDEO

June 17, 2020

Cloaked by a supposed movement for racial equality and playing on people’s guilt to submit to an unelected power

Democrat Tim Kaine Re-Writes History: “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody” – VIDEO

June 17, 2020

Tim Kaine claims America invented slavery

Tucker Carlson on the incredible popularity of Black Lives Matter – VIDEO

June 17, 2020

Tucker on the incredible popularity of Black Lives Matter – Tucker Carlson – VIDEO

They’re already joking about guillotines in CHOP

June 17, 2020

It is all too easy to laugh off the insurrectionists who have grabbed a few blocks of Seattle’s Capitol Hill, built border walls, and declared it an “Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ), now re-branded by at least some there as an “Organized Protest” (CHOP). Such coverage as the MSM have offered picked up on Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan’s view, who likened it to a “block party” and predicted “a summer of love.”

Helena Christensen chic in denim mini skirt – Part THREE of THREE

June 17, 2020

Helena Christensen looks youthful and chic in a denim mini skirt as she runs errands in NYC