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Drew Brees’ wife Brittany issues her own lengthy apology


One Response to “Drew Brees’ wife Brittany issues her own lengthy apology”

  1. Why are people apologizing for speaking the truth ! I for one feel that there is a problem in our country and BLM is not the answer the answer is GOD in your heart, gathers in our homes I for do not care what the color of someone’s skin is I only see the person if you are a problem the color of your skin for the most part is not the problem the person under that skin is the problem! You act like a jerk well then guess what you are a Jerk ! I see mouths moving but it is not what they are doing ! If we get behind this one culture one color one sex then we are doing the same damn thing we are complaint about . Damn I just wish people would go back and listen to what Dr King said now that was a great Man

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