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Was she his beard? Rosario Dawson comes out as Lesbian one month after She ‘dated’ Cory Booker

February 18, 2020

She said that her time with Booker forced her to be introspective and discover the truth about her sexuality, which made her comfortable about coming out as a lesbian.

‘Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism’ – PragerU VIDEO

February 18, 2020

Bernie Sanders: ‘The United States Must…Find the Moral Conviction to Choose…Democratic Socialism’

Dershowitz: Obama ordered FBI to investigate someone after George Soros asked him to

February 18, 2020

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz revealed in an interview on Sunday that he has proof that former Democrat President Barack Obama ordered the FBI to investigate someone after far-left billionaire George Soros asked for the investigation

Elyse Taylor: Thunder from Down Under – Part ONE of FOUR

February 18, 2020

As an Australian-turned-New Yorker model and mum, Elyse Taylor knows a thing or two about undone beauty and living life in the fast lane.