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The 2020 Oscars – Honest Trailers – VIDEO

February 9, 2020

Honest Trailers | The Oscars (2020) – VIDEO

Impeachment II – The Sequel?

February 9, 2020

But average Americans tuned out the first impeachment toward the end. Extending the IMPEACH THE M***ERF***ER! franchise with another installment might genuinely annoy a lot of Americans who remember when Congress used to do government stuff. The behavior of Star Wars fans could teach the Crats a few things: sequels are tricky and get judged against the past very harshly.

4 Years, 4 Worst Political Moments at the Oscars

February 9, 2020

Along with the red carpet, Best Picture, and the Oscar itself, the annual Academy Awards has become synonymous with left-wing political speeches and grandstanding. Since 2016, MRC Culture’s On TV blog has covered the Oscars in all its liberal glory, from the anti-Trump opening monologue jokes to the activist acceptance speeches.

Sabo portrays presidential contenders as characters from Parasite

February 9, 2020

Sabo, the Los Angeles street artist, is once again trolling liberal Hollywood and its sacred cows, this time lampooning Democratic presidential candidates including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders in a spoof of the Oscar-nominated movie Parasite.

Wild Wild West star Robert Conrad dead at 84

February 9, 2020

Robert Conrad, who played an Old West update on James Bond in the hit 1960s TV series Wild Wild West, died Saturday at 84.

The actor died of heart failure at his Malibu home, according to family spokesperson Jeff Ballard.