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Harry, formerly known as Prince, Got Woke, Now Broke

January 21, 2020

Where did it all go so wrong for the poor lad?

Simple. Ex-Prince Harry is perhaps the most tragic living example of Get Woke, Go Broke

This was the Decade of the Twilight of the Elites

January 21, 2020

This was the Decade of the Twilight of the Elites. From Brexit to the U.S. presidential election, from Bolsonaro in Brazil to the people’s revolutions that swept Europe, the arrogant, corrupt and complacent political establishments of the old order fought desperately to uphold their rotten hegemony only to be crushed, schooled and humiliated to the point of near-irrelevance by a mighty wave of populism

Naomi Campbell looks flawless in chic black dress – Part FOUR of SIX

January 21, 2020

Naomi Campbell served up some fierce looks as she arrived on the red carpet on Wednesday at The Wiltern theater in Los Angeles for the organization’s 10th anniversary.