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Virginia state Senator sounds warning bell before Monday rally – “We are being set up.”

January 19, 2020

On Friday State Senator Amanda Chase issued a warning to those attending the Monday rally.
“We are being set up!”

Virginia seeking “Actors” for “live roleplaying project” ahead of Monday Gun rally

January 19, 2020

Without fail, as you look back at the false flag shootings in America or other mass shootings, there are scheduled “mass shooting training” that takes place either just prior to or on the very day of the attack. Additionally, many reports have documented where government has sought “crisis actors” in what it calls “training” ahead of these very attacks. With Lobby Day just days away in Virginia on Monday, January 20, Virginia is now seeking “actors” for an “ongoing live roleplaying project.”

Trump Ends Failed Michelle Obama School Lunch Program

January 19, 2020

Happy Birthday Mooch! Trump Ends Failed Michelle Obama School Lunch Program on “Her” Birthday