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FBI Documents Suggest Link Between Satanic ‘Finders’ Cult And the CIA

November 26, 2019

Last month, the FBI released over 300 pages relating to decades-old investigations into the “Finders.” Analysis of the eye-opening documents, which include police reports and correspondence between various agencies, reveals that the group was a satanic cult and suggests deliberate obstruction of justice by feds and the CIA, which is all the more relevant in light of the recent attention to sexual and child abuse scandals connected with the rich and powerful, and the shady history of US Deep State intelligence agencies.

Social Justice Warrior Zombies begin eating their own

November 26, 2019

SJWs want to repeal our constitutional right to free speech, empowering them to throw you into jail for whatever they declare “hate speech.”

Shakira stunning in bodysuit and lace up boots – Part ONE of FOUR

November 26, 2019

Shakira catches the eye in a navy sequinned bodysuit and lace-up boots as she takes to the stage during the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid