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CNN, ABC News ignore Epstein cover-up to protect the Clintons

November 12, 2019

Like the “Spygate” conspiracy, for example. This was a very obvious attempt by several Deep State members in good standing, working on behalf of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, then undermine him and drive him from office after he won.

Progressive Taylor Swift performs for Chinese Commie Corporatists

November 12, 2019

Pop star Taylor Swift has increasingly revealed her progressive political views in recent years, admonishing gun owners and other popular left-wing targets in social media rants

Google secretly gathers millions of Americans’ health data

November 12, 2019

Google is working on a top secret project to gathers millions of Americans’ health data across 21 states including lab tests and diagnoses – but patients and doctors have not been told about it

Maggie Q is a bronzed goddess in a one-shoulder dress – Part TWO of FOUR

November 12, 2019

At 40 years-old, she looks better than women half her age.

And on Saturday, Maggie Q looked fierce as she stepped out at the WildAid Gala in Los Angeles.

The Nikita star commanded attention in a one-shoulder, gold and maroon dress from HELEN.