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James Bond is going to be more obnoxiously woke and preachy in ‘No Time To Die’

November 11, 2019

What’s so annoying about this is the Year Zero bullshit. Just like Black Panther attempted to pretend it was the first big budget comic book movie with a black superhero (not even close), No Time to Die is pretending to be the first Bond woman with strong female characters.

Anti-Trump Protester bites female MMA Fighter, this doesn’t end well

November 11, 2019

Professional MMA fighter, Tara LaRosa on Sunday took a violent anti-Trump protester to the ground after the woman allegedly attacked another woman at a flag-waving rally for Veterans Day in Portland.

E. Jean Carroll suing Trump, claiming he “defamed” her by denying rape claim

November 11, 2019

We sometimes forget how large a role sheer ego plays in Leftist posturing, but somebody always appears to remind us.

The latest is E. Jean Carroll, who had her first brush with fame after going public with a completely convincing and utterly realistic story that Donald Trump had raped her during the middle of the day in a crowded department store

Veteran’s Day 2019

November 11, 2019

Sgt. Alvin York knew why he fought, and it wasn’t to make money. When Madison Avenue and Hollywood came looking for endorsements, he refused and said, “This uniform ain’t for sale.”

‘Adam Schiff’ Trying To Take A Selfie – VIDEO

November 11, 2019

Greg Gutfeld has put out some great humor on his show.

But one of the best things he’s done lately is featuring Tom Shillue in his role of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

As we’ve noted before, no one deserves parody more than Schiff who often seems like a parody of a real congress member, with his propensity for story-telling and false statements.

Maggie Q is a bronzed goddess in a one-shoulder dress – Part ONE of FOUR

November 11, 2019

At 40 years-old, she looks better than women half her age.

And on Saturday, Maggie Q looked fierce as she stepped out at the WildAid Gala in Los Angeles.

The Nikita star commanded attention in a one-shoulder, gold and maroon dress