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Joe Biden’s 5 stages of corruption denial

November 6, 2019

It never happened, honest to God.
Alright, it happened, but it wasn’t me.
It kinda was me, but it wasn’t illegal.
IIlegal or not, everybody does it.
I won’t do it again, honest to God.

Woman’s hand go numb after touching sea creature resembling human brain

November 6, 2019

Dr Simon Grove, a curator of invertebrate zoology at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, replied to the post and said the creature was a colonial sea-squirt.

‘It’s a colonial sea-squirt, aka ascidian. Possibly the widespread but non-native Botryllus schlosseri,’ he replied.

Robyn Lawley strips NAKED for Marie Claire magazine – Part SIX of SEVEN

November 6, 2019

Up close and personal! Plus-size model Robyn Lawley shifts the focus from her curvy figure to picture perfect face as she posts a sultry selfie