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Archive for October 27, 2019

#MeThree Democrat Katie Hill to resign from Congress

October 27, 2019

Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) will resign from Congress after reports suggested that she had inappropriate relationships with staffers in her congressional office and campaign, according to a report on Sunday.

Saturday Night Live Epic Satire Fail mocking Trump over ISIS – VIDEO

October 27, 2019

Now this is an Epic Satire Fail. Saturday Night Live went on the air at 11:30 pm Eastern time with an opening skit where Alec Baldwin’s Very Fake Trump was thanked by Pete Davidson’s Very Fake ISIS Member for “bringing jobs back…for ISIS.” Six minutes before, Jennifer Griffin of Fox News was tweeting that ISIS leader Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been killed in a raid by U.S. forces in Syria. John Santucci of ABC reported it via Twitter at 11:53

Hillary goes to Elijah Cummings’s funeral, attacks Trump with her best black accent

October 27, 2019

She not only pretended to be black, pandering to presumably the black people in the audience, she bizarrely cited obscure Bible passages as if she’d been going to Bible studies for years as many black church-goers do, and threw out some not-disguised digs at President Trump, the perfect means of Wellstoning the funeral.