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Rashida Tlaib goes Conspiracy Theorist at Vaping hearing – Mark Dice VIDEO

September 30, 2019

Speaking of Losers… – Mark Dice VIDEO

Joe Biden’s Parenting Is the Real Problem

September 30, 2019

When your son is bounced out of the Navy for cocaine, when he has long had a drug and prostitution problem (the man also dumped his wife for his dead brother’s widow), do you allow him to use your influence to get a $50K-a-month job with a Ukrainian natural gas company? Do you reward repeated mistakes with riches in an Eastern European country? Don’t you try instead to help your son make his life better, help him deal with his obvious emotional problems first?

Joe Biden demands Networks stop booking Rudy Giuliani

September 30, 2019

Joe Biden’s campaign implored the U.S. media on Sunday to stop booking Rudy Giuliani.

Amy Childs flaunts her weight loss in sizzling bikini selfie – Part TWO of SIX

September 30, 2019

Amy Childs showed off her incredible transformation in a stunning bikini selfie as she took to Instagram on Thursday