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Joe Biden claimed his tax credit plan would “put 720 million women back in the workforce”

September 18, 2019

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had another senior moment yesterday when he claimed his tax credit plan would “put 720 million women back in the workforce.”

For readers whose strong point isn’t maths, that’s more human beings than there are in the entire country.

Hillary’s latest excuse for why she lost to Trump

September 18, 2019

Hillary’s back making speeches and she still can’t get over her loss. Yesterday, grim, dressed in black, and noticeably more pear-shaped than in 2016, she raved about “voter suppression” as the “number one” reason for her loss. She spoke of the advice she gave to 2020 Democrat hopefuls about the lessons she learned from her campaign.

Corey Lewandoski owns Democrats during Congressional grilling – Mark Dice VIDEO

September 18, 2019

. . . . .

Democratic Mega-Donor Ed Buck arrested after third incident of sex play almost turned fatal

September 18, 2019

Los Angeles police have arrested Democratic donor Ed Buck after another incident of sex play in his home almost turned fatal, according to authorities.

Britney Spears escapes to Hawaii for bikini break – Part FOUR of SIX

September 18, 2019

Britney Spears shows off her abs and motivates fans as she posts an unfiltered video of her workout with a focus on cardio and ‘getting a six pack’