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Democrats at CNN Global Warming propaganda production: Ban everything! – VIDEO

September 5, 2019

Democrats appearing at CNN’s marathon 7-hour global warming forum have a plan to solve a changing climate: Ban everything!

Joe Biden’s bloody eye trending on Twitter – VIDEO

September 5, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood while he was onstage Wednesday during a CNN town hall on climate change, apparently from a burst vessel.

Bernie barks at baby: ‘Can we keep that down a little bit?’

September 5, 2019

Bernie Sanders had enough of a squealing baby at a recent event, and demanded that it “keep that down.”

Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale sports daring g-string bodysuit – Part TWO of FOUR

September 5, 2019

Kelly donned a mesh bodysuit with a pair of black leather-look nipple pasties in the shape of stars underneath