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20 Million Hits! RASHMANLY.COM – 22MOON.COM exceeds wildest dreams!

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Thank You to all the readers who visited rashmanly.com the last eleven years.  This website built an audience without the help of Twitter, or Facebook, or people promoting this site on YouTube.

I am one person with no staff, no helpers, and no applause for an amazing job well done.

I do not accept advertising because I do not do this for the money.

I may as well not exist in the collective Internet mind because I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.  But on the upside, I can’t get kicked off of Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube because I never built my vast empire of work on those platforms.

In 2017 alone 22MOON got 3,151,960 hits.

In 2018 my subscriptions went up but my hit count dropped to 1,681,305.

In 2019 my subscriptions went up more but as of right now my hits for the year are only 815,175 so far for this year.

SHADOW BANNING finally noticed me.  I am thankful I didn’t get wiped from the Internet %100.

Here are my secrets for a unique website.

POST EVERY DAY.  No days off, no holidays!

Don’t parrot everyone else.

Clean up every photo with filters, cropping, ect.

Make MEMES like crazy.

Be yourself, but bigger.

Get used to no applause, no laughter, no one patting you on the back for doing a great job, because unless you are on YouTube or Twitter or FaceBook, you may as well not exist.

I work so hard every day for the readers, not for ad revenue.

I can never thank all of you enough for visiting THE MOON!


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