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‘Whole Foods’ exploiting children to be “groomed” for perverts

July 22, 2019

Yes, that Whole Foods. No longer are they promoting an organic way of life, because that would mean eating clean, unadulterated food and not becoming some twisted, sick, demented pervert. Seems extreme, until you get your head around the fact that Whole Foods just started promoting the Drag Queen Story Hour for children, that’s hosted by a man who has been convicted and jailed for committing sex crimes on four prepubescent children ranging in age from four to eight years young. Let that sink in for a minute

Hillary Clinton ushers in 2020 Campaign – H. A. Goodman VIDEO

July 22, 2019

Is Hillary laying in wait for Biden to completely collapse – and launch a last-minute campaign?

Race Baiter Cory Booker labels President Trump “Worse than a Racist”

July 22, 2019

Unhinged Senator Cory Booker declared that President Donald Trump is “worse than a racist” and compared him to Democrat segregationist George Wallace while appearing on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday.

Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio shows off in a bikini – Part TWO of SIX

July 22, 2019

Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio shows off her stunning figure in a bikini while on yacht off the coast of Capri