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Latest Trump Accuser Linked to Activist Lawyer Lisa Bloom, Is She Getting Paid Too?

June 23, 2019

The latest goofy lady to claim President Trump molested her years ago turns out to also be connected to Lisa Bloom. Of course this isn’t the first time Ms. Bloom was connected to someone who wanted to slander the President and claim he abused her. Then again, Lisa is of course the spawn of Gloria Alred.

Trump traps Democrats in a no win situation with his deportation gambit

June 23, 2019

Once again, as is his wont, President Trump has maneuvered his opponents into a losing position on an issue of high priority to him. His original plan for nationwide ICE raids on scofflaws who already had their due process and who are ignoring court ordered deportation was a trap for Democrats

Child’s Play – review and trailer

June 23, 2019

Mark Hamill provides the voice of the killer doll in this slick but frivolous remake of the 1988 horror hit, also starring Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry.