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Racism to the Rescue!

April 24, 2019

And now we come to the reason today’s politically woke kids are such pussies.

Trump to skip Trump bashing dinner, CNN’s Brian Stelter melts down

April 24, 2019

Brian Stelter was adamant that the snub by Trump was part of a rabid anti-media agenda

The Anti-Trump Left: Groupies of Groupthink

April 24, 2019

Medical conditions, such as psychological disorders, all have a predictably reliable set of symptoms and traits. For example, persons who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder all have exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, a lack of empathy, and several other shared behaviors. (Think Barack Obama, Michael Avenatti, Chris Cuomo, and their ilk. Though Trump is often called a narcissist by the Left, he is not; he is extremely empathetic and extraordinarily magnanimous.)

Barbara Palvin sets pulses racing as she shows off her curves – Part ONE of FOUR

April 24, 2019

Barbara Palvin sets pulses racing as she shows off her toned curves in skimpy bright swimwear for sexy new Calzedonia campaign