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Democrats, Media trade in ‘Russian Collusion Delusion’ for ‘Obstruction Construction’

April 4, 2019

After overreaching on the Trump-Russia collusion attempted coup, rather than admitting they were wrong, humbling apologizing and moving on, Democrats (and I include the media here) are doubling down. They are hellbent on seeing the entire Mueller report, with the House Judiciary Committee voting on party lines to authorize a subpoena of the report without redactions sooner than AG Barr’s promised mid-April release.

Nine Reasons Why You Should Support Joe Biden For President

April 4, 2019

Nine Reasons Why You Should Support Joe Biden For President

Jussie Smollett 2017 video featuring a noose and Trump back to haunt him – VIDEO

April 4, 2019

It’s a narrative Smollett himself leveraged in the past with his much-touted music video F.U.W., his personal attack on the president released in March 2017.

Hillary and Bill Clinton Embark on Speaking Tour with Hollywood Celebrities

April 4, 2019

Following last year’s disaster of a speaking tour, former president Bill Clinton and failed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton are again planning to tour the nation — this time featuring Hollywood star power in some locations.

Nellie Ohr Caught Lying to Congress About When She Obtained Her Ham Radio License

April 4, 2019

Did Nellie Ohr evade NSA surveillance with a Ham radio?
Rep. Doug Collins released transcript of Nellie Ohr’s October testimony to the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday.

Bella Thorne reveals her toned abs – Part THREE of FOUR

April 4, 2019

Bella Thorne reveals her ample bosom and toned abs as she rocks unique one-strap bandeau and skintight jeans