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Beto: The Psychedelic Warlord

March 18, 2019

Beto O’Rourke was a teenage computer hacker who posted fiction about killing children, it was revealed Friday – a day after he threw himself into the Democratic president race.

Beto: Whiter than Uncle Ben’s converted rice

March 18, 2019

You bet he was “born to run.” So this skateboard guy is a total phony. “Beto” is whiter than Uncle Ben’s converted rice. Irish and Welsh, he married a lady whose Daddy is worth $500 million. The John Kerry School of political aspiration. But he does skateboard — because he is SO cool! Yet he remains the Ultimate Gringo. “Beto”? Baloney!

Brie Larson is the Beckiest Becky in Movie history

March 18, 2019

Watching Brie Larson do anything is like watching your snooty sister gossip on the phone

Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes hot in Jamaica – Part EIGHT of EIGHT

March 18, 2019

Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes says it’s better to eat everything you crave but do so ‘in moderation’ than go on wacky diets