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Pulling-a-Smollett: Leftist David Corn claims he saw violent AOC graffiti in Phoenix Airport bathroom

March 6, 2019

FAKE HATE: Unhinged Leftist David Corn Says He Spotted Violent Ocasio Graffiti in Phoenix Airport Bathroom — Then the Airport Calls His Bluff…
Corn told his more than 700,000 followers that he spotted the graffiti inside a bathroom stale at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport — but declined to share a photo of it

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets false video, accuses Jerry Falwell Jr. of Islamophobia

March 6, 2019

AOC has been caught spreading misinformation on Twitter while attacking Liberty University founder Jerry Falwell Jr.

Hillary lies – of course she’s running in 2020

March 6, 2019

Did Crooked Hillary REALLY Rule Out A 2020 Run? PARSE HER WORDS CAREFULLY!… She Came Up Short In Edited Answer (VIDEO)

Amber Turner slips into two-piece for a pool snap – Part THREE of FIVE

March 6, 2019

Amber Turner slips her curves into a pink two-piece for a pool snap with Courtney Green in Dubai… after complaining she wasn’t ‘bikini ready’