You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Obama Halloween no more



“Gimmie all your candy kid!”




Be the politically

correct hit

of your neighborhood

this Halloween with a

Barack Obama Halloween

to delight the Trick

or Treaters!

And it is so

easy to do!

When the costumed kids

come to your door,

instead of giving them candy,

grab their bag from them,

using force if necessary.

Dump all of their

collected Halloween candy

into a large container and

then give each child a

small handful of their

own candy back.

Then tell the kids,

“I’m taking most of

your candy you spent

hours collecting,

so I can give it to other

kids too lazy to go

Trick or Treating.”


“Then I’ll tell the lazy

kids the candy is coming

from me,

so I can get all the credit

and they will vote for

me for Best Halloween

House in Town for

rewarding them!”

Just follow these simple

instructions this Halloween

for an Obama Happy


the lazy kids will

love you for it!





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