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Mainstream Media throws Elizabeth Warren under the bus

October 17, 2018

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) roll-out of her DNA test has been such a train wreck that even the establishment media have been forced to reverse course and admit to it.

White Woman claimed 9-year-old Black Boy touched her behind – video saves child

October 17, 2018

The “believe woman” claims of rape no-matter-what meme continues to trivialize real rape and other forms of assault, while turning women into permanently helpless victims unable to function in simple every day activities because #MeToo!

Hauntings at the Hotel Cecil

October 17, 2018

In 1927, the Cecil Hotel (currently known as Stay on Main) opened with initially 700 rooms decorated in Art Deco style, intended to attract and entertain businessmen. Located at 640 S. Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles, it wasn’t long before the hotel fell victim to the hard times that hit during the beginning of the Great Depression. Situated close to the nearby Skid Row, the surrounding area became populated with more than 10,000 homeless people living within a 6.4-kilometer (4 mi) radius.

Andrea Rincon/Selena Spice muy atractivo provocativo fotos – Part FIVE of FIVE

October 17, 2018

Andrea Rincon – Selena Spice sexy round breasts photos