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James Woods sentenced to The Hollywood Blacklist on 4th of July

July 5, 2018

Veteran actor James Woods was dropped by his “liberal” talent agent on July 4, according to a tweet by the Oscar-nominated actor.

‘Liberal’ fascist steals Teen’s MAGA hat, throws drink in his face – VIDEO

July 5, 2018

A man was fired after he was caught on camera stealing a MAGA hat and throwing a drink in a teen’s face.

Special Ed Teacher who resigned after accused of sex with students caught in car with one of her alleged victims

July 5, 2018

A former Connecticut high school teacher accused of sexually assaulting students was found driving around one of her alleged victims, violating an order prohibiting her from contacting her victims, police said.

Rita Ora avoids the heat in sporty white bikini – Part TWO of TWO

July 5, 2018

Singer looks incredible as she larks around in sporty white bikini while on holiday with her parents in France