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FACEBOOK using ‘Hate Speech’ label to crush Conservatives

May 16, 2018

Facebook is a cancer that, for reasons that remain mysterious to me, nearly two billion users worldwide seek to inflict upon themselves. Its owner Mark Zuckerberg is worth a reputed seventy-seven skadillion dollars, and if he were to choose, this pint-sized “progressive” could easily feed all starving children in sub-Saharan Africa a hot turkey sandwich every day for the rest of their livelong lives—with gravy and stuffing

School shooter Nikolas Cruz was protected from arrest by program designed to combat “Systemic Racism”

May 16, 2018

School shooter Nikolas Cruz was protected from arrest by Broward county school district officials thanks to a “controversial disciplinary program” designed to combat “systemic racism” by limiting arrests of minority students.
Broward county school district officials lied repeatedly for months by claiming otherwise.

Texas Teacher accused of molesting 4th grade girl

May 16, 2018

A Texas elementary school music teacher was arrested Monday after a girl in the fourth grade accused him of repeatedly touching her genitals through her clothing.

Sahara Ray on display photo gallery – Part EIGHT of EIGHT

May 16, 2018

She’s no stranger when it comes to parading her stunning figure.

But on Sunday, Sahara Ray nearly broke the internet with a bold topless selfie on Instagram.

Earning nearly 70,000 likes, the bikini model stunned in a provocative pose while flashing her bare breasts barely covered by shaggy ombre locks.