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Roseanne reboot rocks ratings

March 28, 2018

ABC’s Roseanne returned to the television airwaves on Tuesday night and drew in more than 18 million viewers, marking TV’s largest comedy premier in years.

Soy Boy Andy Baio roasted by internet after he demands White People stop using ‘Digital Blackface’

March 28, 2018

Blue check social justice warrior Andy Baio was roasted by the internet after he tweeted out a demand that white people stop using ‘digital blackface’ – meaning gif images of black people’s reactions.

Anne Hathaway gym dandy photos – Part ONE of TWO

March 28, 2018

Anne Hathaway made it clear that she has brains, brawn and beauty while getting her sweat on this Monday.

The Oceans Eight star, 35, gave it her all while lifting weights during a strenuous workout at her local West Hollywood gym.