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Only 22% of Minnesotans think Al Franken should stay in Senate

November 26, 2017

Shock Poll: Just 22 Percent of Minnesotans Think Al Franken Should Stay in the Senate
The liberal Democrat senator has record-low support from voters in the wake of serious sexual harassment allegations

Chemical Warfare – Steady supply of Opioid chemicals from China

November 26, 2017

Known as “China Girl” or “China White” on the streets, Fentanyl is a highly dangerous chemical that has destroyed countless American lives, making it an extremely valuable export for Chinese-run drug cartels and distributors within the United States.

Hollywood Blacklist alive and well

November 26, 2017

As canny as I like to think I am, even I couldn’t have foreseen the events of the past few months. Hollywood has become a killing field, a huge mass grave filled with the bullet-riddled careers of men felled by allegations of sexual assault or harassment