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Roy Moore vs. The Deep State Swamp

November 12, 2017

The Swamp is in full panic mode. They are pulling out the big guns. They claim Judge Roy Moore is a pedophile and cannot be allowed to represent the good people of the great state of Alabama. If Moore wins the election the Senate should refuse to seat him

Roy Moore Witchhunt: Mother of Leigh Corfmam contradicted key detail of accuser’s story

November 12, 2017

Two new polls demonstrate that GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore remains unaffected entirely by smears in the Washington Post against him, and his lead before the Post piece on Thursday afternoon remains intact.

Failing Russian collusion narrative backfiring on Hillary Clinton – VIDEO

November 12, 2017

Alex Jones breaks down how the failing Russian collusion narrative is backfiring on Hillary Clinton as Mueller prepares to bring forward indictments against Tony Podesta, and former DNC Chair Donna Brazile and other Democrats turn on the Clinton machine.