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Louis C.K. accused of sexual Yanky Panky by five women

November 9, 2017

Five women have come forward accusing Louis C.K of sexual misconduct, including one instance where he allegedly got naked and masturbated in front of two female comics in a hotel room.

Donna Brazile was concerned about Hillary’s failing health – VIDEO

November 9, 2017

Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile’s relayed her recollection of Hillary Clinton fainting on the 9/11 anniversary before the 2016 election to Fox News host Tucker Carlson Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton in ‘secret negotiations’ to fund SECOND fake ‘Dirty Dossier’

November 9, 2017

Hillary Clinton is in secret negotiations with Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous Russian dossier, to purchase a second report that allegedly contains salacious new charges against President Trump, according to several sources with personal knowledge of the transaction.

Chloe Lattanzi improves her looks by not wearing makeup

November 9, 2017

Chloe Lattanzi’s trademark busty social media snaps, which often feature the star in heavy makeup, has garnered her legions of followers.